Building Brand Paradigms

A good brand strategy is one which isn’t obvious: brand success is often found in subtlety, manipulating customers and clients to behave in a certain manner either by control, aspiration or tribal instinct.

Once these brand controls are set, customers behave like bees around a honey pot, with an irresistible urge to conform, purchase or belong. The tools at our disposal are infinite and can be emotional, psychological or intellectual levers which, when pulled, control behaviour.

A brand agency has the ability to tap into these levers via imagery, words, design, colour, atmosphere, sound – in fact all the senses. Like a composer a brand agency conducts the performance and allows each instrument to create an overwhelming performance in complete harmony.



These new established structures and framework paradigms become the new controls of these brands; they are the foundations on which the business is built and with its boardroom guidance the ability to profit from the controls and image in place.

More interestingly in understanding how brand paradigms work, we are able to pull and break these apart to create “Paradigm Shifts” where new opportunities, goals, success and sectors are created leading to unique market opportunities.